Vendor Information

Vendor information will be kept separately to track the supplier details effortlessly.

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Service Details
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Essential Elements
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Product Info
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Vendor Details

Good supplier management is essential to a well run supply chain.


All the vendor information and type can be stored here. It will also record the bill information.

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The best and easiest way to stay connected with vendors

Fully digitalized and streamlined vendor onboarding procedure that aids in identifying and include the onboarding documentation that your business needs. Utilizing the vendor system, screen and approve new merchants instantly

  • Easy and fastest way to vendor onboarding process
  • Contract Administration and Lifecycle Management
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Monitor your procurement cost from a single dashboard

Dragging and dropping to configure data Create a team for your own vendor master data management. Manage data expiration and refresh automatically. data import of vendors in bulk For new providers, self-onboarding is simple. Full-service spend capture

  • Oversee product prices at the vendor level and configure the price validity
  • Control everything from your dashboard
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