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Our platform has a separate product management system which will assist you to track the products which are in stock, best selling and remind you to restock before it goes out of stock.

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Product Quality
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Great products sell themselves.

Kevin Systrom

The most important feature of this app is it can contain all of your product info in one place and can provide you a product report.

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Have your product information streamlined

Stay updated with the proper photographs, descriptions, technical information on products and accessories, or ratings and reviews

  • Utilize collaboration tools to increase your output and speed up the enrichment of product data
  • Market products more quickly across all channels, regions, and languages
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Organize your product data to save a lot of time and money

Import new product SKUs or make updates to numerous fields throughout your entire catalog to add a new data point. Data security and integrity are of the utmost importance, so CSVs are validated numerous times and in various ways to guarantee that there is no possibility of data corruption during import

  • Powerful product attribution & smart categorization
  • support for multiple languages, currencies, brands, and storefronts in product versions
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Let's see what Yotta SME can do for your business.

Yotta SME has all the right management tools in order to ensure your business growth.