Human Resource Management

Its goal is to guide you with planning, compensating, integrating and maintaining people for the purpose of contribution to the organization.

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Payroll Structure
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Real Management is developing people through work.

Agha hasan Abedi

This app will provide you many type of services to improve your employment system. It contains employee type and account details repository

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Simply organize and monitor your employees.

A complete on-premise human resource management solution that will enable you to get the most out of every amount you spend on the staff.

  • Connect directly with your employees
  • Maintain Onboarding & Training Checklists
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Set up a centralized location for all of your HR data

Organize your entire workforce's schedule better and account for all kinds of employee absences. Make additional information accessible to all employees, or just allow HR managers to see critical information

  • Manage all your employee data in a single place
  • Simply assign tasks to team members
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Let's see what Yotta SME can do for your business.

Yotta SME has all the right management tools in order to ensure your business growth.