Accounts & Finance

For financial statements, you can easily keep track of the company's risks with an aid from Finance solutions.

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Income Statement
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Balance Sheet
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Creativity is great but not in accounting.

Charles Scott

All your business transactions and account details are available in one place. Additionally, you can view all the financial reports and the annual ledger for your business.

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Setup and maintenance are really simple

Yotta SME allows you to update your accounting procedures. Integrate all of your business's financial, production, sales, and e-commerce operations into one system. Controls reporting and accounting in real time while adhering to regulations.

  • Easy set up for your business
  • Robust controls for simple online accounting software
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Secure financial data and real-time visibility

Yotta SME allows you to get immediate data synchronization, improved data quality, and an updated view of the organization. It also safeguards your information and co-author, edits, and manages it

  • Show real-time data on a simple dashboard
  • Stay updated on your daily financial data
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Let's explore how Yotta SME can help your business.

Yotta SME has all the right management tools in order to ensure your business growth.